What Is Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping is the standard method of transporting vehicles in the auto transport industry. As the name suggest, autos are transported on open car carriers uncovered to weather and road conditions. Your vehicle is exposed to the same elements you encounter while driving, such as sun, snow, dust, debris and others.

Reasons for Open Carrier

Number 1. There’s a vast amount of open auto carriers available. Vehicles are generally picked up within 72 hours.

Number 2. Open car shipping is the most economical service in the auto transport industry.

Number 3. Vehicles are fully insured bumper to bumper on the open car carrier with a minimum coverage of $100,000 per vehicle.

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Safeguard Vehicle During Open Transport

The number one reason for damage to cars in transport is negligence. Damages are a result of inexperienced carriers who fail to take proper safety measures when handling vehicles.

Our carriers have over 15 years of experience transporting vehicles accompanied by outstanding safety records. There is, however, steps you can take to minimize the odds of damage to your auto as well.

  • Wash Vehicle: Prior to shipping your vehicle we suggest washing your auto to get a better visual on pre existing scratches, dings or dents.
  • Record Damage: Make notes of pre existing damages. You can use these notes to compare them with the driver’s inspection report.
  • Take Pictures: In addition to your notes we recommend taking pictures as well. Take pictures with dates of your entire car from all angles and any pre existing damage.
  • Get Driver’s Acknowledgement: Conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle with driver. Have driver acknowledge any pre existing damage before releasing vehicle and acknowledge any new damage before accepting it.

Do you need extra protection for your vehicle during transport? Check out our enclosed auto transport service for luxury and classic car shipping. 


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