How to Buy a Car Online

how to buy a car online

Back in the days, if you wanted to buy a vehicle, the norm was to visit your closest dealership, look around, pick a vehicle, and deal with a grueling negotiating process. Then websites such as Craiglist came along and started a trend. Craiglist allowed sellers to place ads online and reach not only local, but … Read more

Freight and Vehicle Bill of Lading

Sample of bill of lading agreement

You were asked by your shipping company to make sure you sign the “Bill of Lading”. You’re left with a simple but pretty intimidating question, what is a bill of lading? This blog post will help you understand what and why a Bill of Lading is important. Let’s go over this term and gain some … Read more

The Real Cost of Cheap Auto Transport

Cheap Auto Transport

Being cheap is being smart, right? You get the same amount or quality for less. If you were purchasing a house hold item, this could be true. In the auto transport industry, not so true. Paying less does not always give you the same quality of service you expect. As the saying goes “going cheap could … Read more

Questions to Ask Before Entering Classic Car Show

Classic Car Show

Congratulations! You’ve finally finalized your long time project. After years of admiring and drooling over classic cars, you now get to display your own priced possession. Something to be very proud of. Being a participant at a classic car show as an owner is a lot different than just attending one and just having to worry … Read more

Tips & Advice: Buying Car From Auction

Tips Advice Car Auction

There are some benefits of buying a vehicle at auction. One of the greatest benefits is how affordable you can purchase a vehicle for. Second is the variety of vehicles available give you the flexibility to choose from a large selection of vehicles. And lastly, if you’re looking for rare, one-of-a-kind type vehicles, car auctions … Read more

Military Vehicle & Equipment Transport

Military Vehicle Transport

In the transport industry, there are a vast array of trailers that are capable of transporting almost any vehicle. This includes military grade vehicles such as tanks, jets, planes, Humvee, and much more. The Perfect Trailers for Military Vehicle Transport The way we transport military vehicles is with our oversize vehicle transport service. This means the … Read more

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Cost to Transport Car

You may be asking yourself “why do vehicle shipping rates vary?” Auto transport, unlike other services, does not have a set price. The cost to ship a car depends on variables such as: Distance Vehicle Transport Type Time of the Year Let us explain.. What Determines the Cost to Ship My Car? Distance – Although the … Read more

What Makes Transport Expensive

auto shipping cost

Most auto transports are a little pricy to begin with, however, there are ways that you are upping the cost of your transport without even knowing it. The things that most people do usually fall under the service, route, and time that you choose a transport. There are also some things that you cannot help … Read more

Transporting In The New Year

auto transport new years

We have talked a lot about transports in the final months of the year but let us take a glimpse at how a new year impacts the auto transport industry. There are many things to take advantage of during the new year, especially if you are a customer and frequent the transport industry. We are … Read more

Winter Transport Concerns

auto transport during winter

Though the winter season is one of the busiest times of the year, it can also be one of the most dangerous in terms of weather and road conditions. The winter season means heavy snow, rain, and winds throughout the country. Many customers have concerns with keeping their vehicles safe from these elements. We are … Read more

Routes With Harshest Conditions

transport route with harsh conditions

Every route has difficulties, however, with the Winter season being one of the worst weather-wise, some routes will be deemed as harder than others for drivers. This does not make transports impossible, but it may cause for rerouting to occur or for a better service to be used by customers if they want their vehicles … Read more

Prepare Vehicle for Snow

Within the last few months and weeks of the year, the weather gets drastic in some states and precautions must be taken. We are here to tell you that you can prepare your vehicle for extreme weather conditions if you are concerned about keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition. Weather that is the most concerning … Read more