Best Time for Vehicle Transport

You might have to transport your car during any time of the year, but certain times in the year will result in a more expensive transport. The rise and fall of prices can be divided by seasons, but they usually change monthly. So, allow us to tell you the highs and lows within the year.

Spring time is usually a low time until almost the end of the season. Most people will choose to transport during this season because it is less expensive. However, there is not much reason to transport in the spring because the weather is fair almost everywhere in the country. We encourage transporting in the Spring because these are the lowest prices you will experience.

The summer is one of the seasons with the highest prices, if not the highest because the weather will make people want to vacation at a cooler state. There is higher demand in the summer because of the heat and auto transport companies begin to get overwhelmed by the number of callers wanting to transport up north and to the coasts where the weather is more tolerable.

The fall is heavy in demand because of certain holidays, college students coming back home for Thanksgiving break, and people want to prepare for the winter holidays. However, the Fall season is the 2nd least expensive because Winter and Summer the times of most extreme weather or are home to the holidays that make people want to be with their families more.

Like we just said, Winter and Summer are the most in demand seasons. In the Winter, auto transport companies get a lot of orders from people they like calling “Snowbirds”. These people want to vacation to a warmer spot like the coasts where it almost never snows. The “Holidays” like Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and New Years push people to be with their families, so they are more likely to travel far and want to bring their cars with them. Drastic weather will usually cause people to migrate and auto transport companies know this.

We do not want to discourage you to transport during the Summer and Winter because those are time where a transport is most needed, but we also do not want to encourage you to transport on season you do not need to just to get a better deal. Transport companies work year-round because not everyone follows this formula because our jobs might ask for us to leave the state for a week or more. Sometimes we just want to go see family during the Spring or Fall. The best time to transport your vehicle is whenever it would serve you the best.

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