2018 Top 5 Autos for Summer

With the weather getting hotter each year, you may need a car that exposes you the wind more. These vehicles make you feel the summer vibes without breaking the bank. We believe that these cars are great and at least one of them can represent someone’s taste in cars.

1. Jeep Wrangler
When people think “Summer Car”, the first car that probably pops into their mind is a Jeep Wrangler. Its big, exposed to the open sky, and just screams summer! Though Jeeps do not have the greatest fuel economy, most people are willing to put that aside because a Jeep Wrangler is associated with fun. A 2017 Jeep Wrangler is starting only at $23,995.

2. Chevy Camaro Convertible
This car is sporty, looks luxurious, and is meant to have a good time in. We recommend the convertible version, so you can feel the wind while driving at high-speeds. It comes with Apple Car Play, its own Wi-Fi, and voice activated controls. This vehicle is high-end but only costs $31,905.

3. Mini Convertible
Mini cars have always been a fun ride, but with their convertible version, you will feel their speed even more. This is another one of those vehicles that scream “Summer”. It is comfortable and comes in different vibrant colors that make you feel that is summer even more. A Mini Convertible starts at only $25,950.

4. Ford Mustang Convertible
With a six-speaker sound system, convertible roof, and a muscle look, the Ford Mustang is the car to party in during the summer. Its fuel economy is decent, but it makes up for this with its speed. This Mustang has the practicality of a mid-sized car with the addition of the muscle and summer vibe. The 2017 Ford Mustang Convertible is starting at only $30,685.

5. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible – This vehicle, along with the Mini cars, are probably best fit for teenagers in most people’s minds. But revised Volkswagen Beetle looks like it is fit for anyone! It is perfect transportation for surfboards and other beach related items. It keeps the same compact space and iconic shape, but it looks more futuristic to fit the modern era. The new 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible starts at only $24,725.

You probably notice that all these cars had open roofs, but we feel like that is a requirement to be classified as a “Summer Vehicle”. This is our opinion, but we hope that some of you can find one of these cars intriguing and maybe consider buying one for the hot season.