2018 Worst Car Brands

There are plenty of car brands out there and they all serve different groups in the population well. However, there are certain brands that are lacking in several key specs that make their vehicles (and sometimes overall brand) hard to appreciate. We are aware that people do love these brands and may have never experienced any problems with them, but this is based off what the majority of people say and how dissatisfied a certain car brand left them.

Mitsubishi has not had the best reputation in the U.S and has continued to not improve much. Mitsubishi has improved a lot in reliability (it is ranked above average), but it only gets an average on owner satisfaction. This is due to the lack of outstanding design on their vehicles and because anything great that Mitsubishi comes out with is usually surpassed by Toyota, Honda, or Hyundai.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo has amazing customer satisfaction and speed, but it has one of the worst ratings for reliability. Alfa Romeo is working to improve the reliability of their vehicles, but it is taking longer than expected. This hurts its reputation even more because their cars are more expensive than your average car that can save you thousands in repairs.

Land Rover
Land Rover is great, but it did not perform well this year at all. It has the worst ratings for reliability and owner satisfaction was almost below average. Land Rover is ranked 49th overall worldwide because it never passes the average ratings in almost every category. This is because the parent company (Tata Motors) has not pumped out cars that have a lot of reliability (for both Jaguar and Land Rover).

Though Jeeps seem like the coolest things when we are teenagers, they only get average satisfaction from all age groups and get below average reliability. The reason Jeep’s satisfaction is so low is because it is a gas guzzler, so many people will rarely use their Jeep or they will end up paying a lot more for gas if it is their commute car.

Now the worst in the bunch this year may have come as a surprise, but its Fiat. Fiat has below average reliability and below average owner satisfaction. Though you will save a lot at the pump, a Fiat will not give you the speed, great design, or size that satisfies many of people’s wants and needs. People would rather have a Mini brand car instead of a Fiat because it satisfies their needs and are more reliable.