Car Carriers of the Future

On November 16th, 2017, Elon Musk and his company, Tesla Inc., revealed their gift to truckers around the world. Tesla is producing a fully-electric semi-truck that blows the traditional diesel-powered semis out of the water. The first thing that shocked us right away was solely the design. It looks like the future! Elon Musk starts … Read more

Compare Reviews for Auto Transporters

How well a company’s reviews are become a major determinant on which auto transport company you go with. We want to help you do your homework and provide with the most common ways auto shipping companies are looked up for reviews. 1. Transport ReviewsTransport Reviews has over 200,000 reviews on 4,000+ auto transport companies. Verification … Read more

Human or Machine Behind the Wheel?

When movies and TV shows came up with the idea of flying cars and cars that can drive themselves, everyone was anxious to see their childhood fantasies become reality. Now the day has come where companies are making strives to make these vehicles operate, some with much success. With development of this technology, development of … Read more

2018 Top 5 Autos for Summer

With the weather getting hotter each year, you may need a car that exposes you the wind more. These vehicles make you feel the summer vibes without breaking the bank. We believe that these cars are great and at least one of them can represent someone’s taste in cars. 1. Jeep WranglerWhen people think “Summer Car”, the … Read more

2018 Top 5 Reliable and Affordable Cars

In a world filled with countless automotive options, finding the most affordable and reliable cars is a crucial endeavor. In this comprehensive list, we’ll explore the top 5 cars that excel in both affordability and reliability, with rankings from 5 (the least) to 1 (the most). From dependable everyday commuters to budget-friendly choices, join us … Read more

Electric Cars Pros and Cons

electric cars pros and cons

As the years have progressed, electric vehicles have been on the rise. Whether if it’s the amount people spend on gasoline, or the concern for the environment’s health, it cannot be disputed that people’s interest in electric cars have only grown. However, we do realize that there are several concerns about converting to an electric … Read more

Gooding & Company Auto Shipping

We are excited to announce that our auto transport service will be available for the Gooding & Company classic car auction. In August, Gooding & Company will have an auction at Pebble Beach, California. From August 24th to August 25th , Gooding & Company will be auctioning 25 classic car models. These models consist of … Read more

Barrett-Jackson Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport will be on stand-by with our open and enclosed trailers in Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast and Las Vegas car auctions. Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast auction will be from June 20th and June 23rd in Uncasville, CT. Barret Jackson’s Las Vegas car auction will be from September 27th to September 29th in Las Vegas, NV. Our … Read more

Russo and Steele Vehicle Shipping

Nationwide United Auto Transport carriers will be at Russo and Steele’s Monterey car auction. Russo and Steele’s auction begins on August 26 the and ends on August 27 the in Monterey, California with the actual auction time beginning at 5 PM Pacific standard time. Nationwide United Auto Transport wants to recommend going with our covered … Read more

Mecum Auction Car Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport carriers will be at Mecum Auctions around the country. We will be on stand-by and are looking forward to your call. From June 22 nd to June 23 rd , we will be in Portland, Oregon where Mecum will have over 600 classical and luxury vehicles. From August 2 nd to … Read more

Non-Running Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport wants to put more ease into transporting an inoperable vehicle. We want to answer some frequently asked questions that we customers have when transporting an inoperable or non-running vehicle. “Is shipping non running vehicles more expensive?”Yes. Since inoperable vehicles cannot operate like running vehicles, special transport vehicles are needed to properly … Read more

Reliable Open Car Shipping

Nationwide United Auto Transport wants to keep you updated on all our services. Our open car carrier service is the most common and economical way to transport a vehicle. Our drivers have to distribute weight (approx.30,000lbs) on each side of the carrier (front and back) to properly and safely transport vehicles. Keep in mind- the … Read more