Best Inexpensive Luxury Cars

Most people want a luxury vehicle, but the problem with them are their price points. However, luxury vehicles do come at cheaper costs and they are still as reliable as their more expensive models. We want to give you what others believe are the best luxury cars that may be in your budget and give … Read more

Driving Safety Tips

There was a time when we obeyed every law and knew every rule when we were studying for our permit and eventually going in for our driver’s license. Unfortunately, over the years we forget some rules or simply do not obey them out of convenience. Most of the things we do have been culturally accepted … Read more

2018 Most Purchased Cars

The 2018 year is now over halfway done, and the car industry has already had success on a couple of cars paving the way for the most sales. These cars are popular not only for their brands, but also because of their price, looks, viability, function, and overall specs. 1. Toyota CorollaThe 2018 Toyota Corolla has had … Read more

Iconic Vehicles of Each Decade

Each decade in America had an iconic event that shaped history indefinitely. Along with iconic events, each decade had an iconic vehicle to go with it. Here are our picks for the most iconic vehicles in each decade. 1940s: Original JeepThe Jeep is on here for one reason only… World War II. The Jeep served as a … Read more

Top 3 Summer Lakes

The summers have only been getting hotter and hotter as the years go on. Not everyone has a pool or is close enough to a beach, but more people have lakes nearby they can visit. Personally, lakes are more fun than a pool or beach because of all the water sports you can perform like … Read more

Popular Family Cars

Family cars are becoming more popular in the U.S. When it comes to family cars, however, you want to be ensured that your family is safe and convenient for everyone in the car. Kelly Blue Book built what they think are the best family cars for the 2018 year. We are going to review some of those vehicles, … Read more

The Future of Transportation

The way we want to get over traffic is insane, but we surely can’t wait to see traffic reduced and the cool vehicles that will make life easier. These vehicles seem like they are so far into the future that they still seem like fantasy. However, many of these are being made or have been … Read more

All, Front or Rear Wheel Drive?

Ever wondered how your car’s drivetrain affects your driving experience? It’s tempting to think that the more wheels powered, the better the ride. However, the choice between Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), Front-Wheel Drive (FWD), All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) is more nuanced than that. In this article, we’ll break down these options, discuss their … Read more

Plane Tickets to Space

Space. The final frontier. Or so it was until numerous companies in the 2000s were interested in space tourism. What is space tourism? You can become an “astronaut” for however long said company wants you up in space for a certain hefty price. A professional and qualified crew is on board with the passengers, so … Read more

Our Favorite Hyper Cars

Everyone has wanted a hyper car. They are the pinnacle of speed, looks, and price. We are here to give you our favorite Hyper cars, because we still can only dream about owning one. 1. Bugatti ChironThe latest edition to the classic Bugatti look we have all came to know and love has bested its … Read more

Top 10 Popular Routes for Auto Transport

Everyone has different pick-up and delivery locations when transporting their vehicles. However, some routes may be more common than you think. These routes have become popular with customers’ demands and carriers who must transport to and from these locations with almost every transport. These routes may also save you money due to their popularity. 1. Florida to CaliforniaThe … Read more

Meet the Yard Spotter

white yard spotter parked

These terminal tractors have many names. Shunt truck, Spotter truck, Spotting tractor, Yard truck, Yard Dog, Yard Goat, Yard Jockey, or Mule, is a semi-tractor intended to move semi-trailers inside a cargo yard or warehouse facility. Whatever the name, they all do the same thing. A Yard Spotter truck has a single-person cab, a sliding … Read more