How Airbags Work

Airbags have saved plenty of lives (thousands a year) and are the last defense to you surviving a high-speed impact. However, many people do not know how airbags work and what specific requirements make an airbag come out. This is important to know because you do not want to be afraid that any impact to … Read more

How Vehicles Changed Life

The invention of the automobile has certainly done a lot of good. We can travel across the country within a week or less now, we can live farther from work and have a home that is not so close to the city. However, the invention of the automobile does hinder us in multiple ways. TrafficIn … Read more

How: Stay Awake While Driving

It is more common for you to do a daily commute, but sometimes we have to travel at night or plan to travel to Vegas or another destination early in the morning when it is still dark. It is during this time that you are the drowsiest and then driving becomes dangerous. Here are a … Read more

Dangerous Driving Conditions

If the weather is rough, you probably do not want to go out driving but sometimes you want to. However, some conditions are more dangerous to drive in than others. Rain and Flooded AreasRain makes braking and maneuvering harder already, but a flooded road will make this situation even more. In these cases, you need … Read more

Future of Navigation

Many believe that to make the roads safer and more organized, then navigation will have to be updated along with automobiles. There have already been developments in this field already, but there is more than just the expansion of technology that will make this more difficult to implement. Shared DataAll car brands will have to … Read more

Driving Habits That Cause Wear & Tear

There are a couple of things that we all do while driving, and they seem harmless, but these habits are wearing your car down. Here are a couple of things that we should try to stop to make our vehicles last longer. Using Your Parking BrakeIf you do not use your parking brake, you are … Read more

Tips to Prevent Car Theft

No matter what car you have, you always feel worried about your car getting stolen or damaged. Unless you have a highly secured garage and a maximum security on your vehicle, then you are always going to be feeling the need to protect your vehicle. We are here to give you some tips on how … Read more

Dangerous Types of Collisions

Every collision is bad, but some of them can lead to more harm than the others. We also know that the more speed you had going into a collision, the more serious the injuries will be. We are here to discuss how certain collisions are created and how you can prevent them. Rear-Ended CollisionsThese are … Read more

Most Expensive Cars

Some cars are at the top of their class because they are the fastest, most beautiful, and rarest cars in the market. However, if you want one of these vehicles, you are going to pay a hefty price. These vehicles are well-worth the price, but many cannot afford them. This is the list of the … Read more

Head Turning Cars

In an ocean of common commuter cars (which we still love), it is good to have a little change here and there. There are a couple of cars that make everyone stops and turn their heads as the car speeds by. These cars are very popular for their status, speed, and uniqueness. Here is our … Read more

Ideal Time to Trade In Your Car

There comes a point when you either are not feeling your car anymore or you simply want an upgrade. In that case, you will want to trade-in your car so you can get some money to purchase your desired car. But wait, how do you know the perfect time to trade-in your car so you … Read more

How To: Car Maintenance

Once you get a car, you feel amazing and may feel like your vehicle is the best thing on the road. However, your car needs check ups more than you do at times. A car has many parts that need replacing, maintenance, and re-powering. So here are common things to check and the time frame … Read more