How Our Service Works

We have generalized our blogs to include everyone in the auto transport industry so that you get a feel of how every auto transport company shares several similar techniques and processes. But today, we want to break down our process because we believe our procedure is unique and we go beyond what our competitors offer. … Read more

Holidays Effect on Auto Transport

The holidays are a time of joy, a time when you spend with your family, and (most importantly) a time to relax. However, the holiday season is the most expensive time of the year. This is the same with the auto transport industry because it is one of the busiest times of the year. People … Read more

How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

There are many auto transport companies out there and many of them are fine, but there is a good percentage of auto transport companies that make their money by scamming you. The way they get you into transporting with them is more subtle and is usually do to a lack of communication. We are here … Read more

Should You Ship Your Car for College?

Once you finally hit the age of 17-18, it is your time to get into college if that is what you choose to pursue. Well, let’s say that you plan to go across the country because you want to explore more of the country. Will you take your car with you? Family and friends might … Read more

Best Transport Service for Your Vehicle

Everyone has different vehicles that need different care from one another. When you are planning to transport your vehicle, you need think about those needs, but also decide which service is best suited for you economically and covers your concerns. There are a diverse set of services, so at least one of them will serve … Read more

Best Safety Rated Cars

There are two different companies that test out a car’s safety features and rank where it stands by performing crash tests (which have become more extreme over the last two years). That being said, only handful of cars have been chosen by IIHS and NHTSA to be the best in accident prevention and accident survival. … Read more

What Is Door to Door?

You see that many auto transport companies have something called, “Door-to-Door” service, and it seems simple enough to understand what it means, but are they telling the truth, or it is just a phrase they use just to get you as a customer? Well for the most part it true with a few exceptions. The … Read more

Soft Sided Enclosed Trailer

You know about the differences of open car service and enclosed car service and that if you want more protection from the elements you should go with enclosed and if you want a cheaper transport, then go with open transport. However, there is another option that many luxury, exotic, and antique car owners almost always … Read more

2018 Worst Car Brands

There are plenty of car brands out there and they all serve different groups in the population well. However, there are certain brands that are lacking in several key specs that make their vehicles (and sometimes overall brand) hard to appreciate. We are aware that people do love these brands and may have never experienced … Read more

History of Auto Transport

The auto transport industry, or car shipping, as it is also called, has been largely successful for decades, but it wasn’t always, and the process was less efficient. The “industry” had a hard time starting up because of the lack of vehicle technology that can transport several cars at once and make the loading and … Read more

While You Wait for Your Car Delivery

An auto transport takes time, especially if it is across the country. If you have a good auto transport company, they should give you an estimated time of arrival (usually they will give you a week and say that they will deliver between a couple of days within that week). Chances are that you are … Read more

Distance & Car Transport Type

When you are choosing a transport company, you may notice that they have different services with them having trade-offs to another. The thing that is not really explained is how distance becomes a huge factor in which service you should get. The different services we want to talk about today are different open and enclosed … Read more