What Makes Transport Expensive

auto shipping cost

Most auto transports are a little pricy to begin with, however, there are ways that you are upping the cost of your transport without even knowing it. The things that most people do usually fall under the service, route, and time that you choose a transport. There are also some things that you cannot help … Read more

Transporting In The New Year

auto transport new years

We have talked a lot about transports in the final months of the year but let us take a glimpse at how a new year impacts the auto transport industry. There are many things to take advantage of during the new year, especially if you are a customer and frequent the transport industry. We are … Read more

Winter Transport Concerns

auto transport during winter

Though the winter season is one of the busiest times of the year, it can also be one of the most dangerous in terms of weather and road conditions. The winter season means heavy snow, rain, and winds throughout the country. Many customers have concerns with keeping their vehicles safe from these elements. We are … Read more

Routes With Harshest Conditions

transport route with harsh conditions

Every route has difficulties, however, with the Winter season being one of the worst weather-wise, some routes will be deemed as harder than others for drivers. This does not make transports impossible, but it may cause for rerouting to occur or for a better service to be used by customers if they want their vehicles … Read more

Book Transport for Someone Else

Can you book a transport for someone else? The simple answer to this is yes. However, there is a process to it and it follows how you would book a transport for yourself for the most part. This is mainly used by parents who have college students that attend a campus far from home or … Read more

Desired Transit Times

This happens throughout the year at various times, but it happens most often during the holiday season and especially in the month of December. When there are thousands of people who want to visit families or vacation in a state that is warmer all at the same time, some may not get the desired transport … Read more

Snowbirds In December

We have talked about snowbird transport before on the blog, but since the holidays are coming up, then we decided that a more in-depth review about what snowbirds do in the month of December. A quick review, snowbirds are people who tend to move from Northern state to either Southern or Coastal states that are … Read more

A Guide to the Vehicle Delivery Process: What to Expect As We Get Closer to Delivery

Preparing for your vehicle delivery is a crucial step often overlooked, yet it greatly simplifies the entire process. While there is a lot of emphasis on preparing your car for pickup, the importance of being ready for its delivery is just as significant. This guide is designed to walk you through the necessary preparations for … Read more