Affordable Vacation Spots

Most people have to wait years to save up for a decent vacation like going to Hawaii or to Paris, France. However, there are plenty of vacation spots that are inexpensive and provide you with just as great of an experience. We are here to give you several locations that may peak the interest of your travel-bug.

Stateline, Nevada
1 Week for 2: $2,460
Hotel per Night (average): $150
Airfare (average): $398

The main purpose for this trip is visit Lake Tahoe, but we highly recommend going when it snows. The mountains become a beautiful ski resort and you get the option to ride the “Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola” for a $146 lift pass. In the warmer months, you can always rent a paddleboard or kayak and go exploring. If the outdoors isn’t your thing, there are always casinos nearby.

Anaheim, California
1 Week for 2: $2,361
Hotel per Night (average): $160
Airfare (average): $302

Anaheim is the perfect mid-point in California because you have Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, the SoCal beaches nearby, and Los Angeles only 30 minutes out. Hotels in Anaheim generally cost less per night than most hotels in L.A. There is plenty to do in southern California, so go out and explore!

Alexandria, Virgina
1 Week for 2: $2,550
Hotel per Night (average): $140
Airfare (average): $300

The city of Alexandria quaint and does not feel like you are only 10 miles away from the nation’s capital. The reason to go to Alexandria is to avoid the high costs of hotels just downtown. Walk on King Street and visit all the Cafes, art galleries, and boutique shops. You can also visit one of George Washington’s estates for only $20. Alexandria is a place where you can relax to get away from the noise of a big city or simply if you enjoy American history.

London, England
1 Week for 2: $4,640
Hotel per Night (average): $230
Airfare (average): $770

The best time to go is when there is a soccer game or multiple games happening during your visit. Not only is the English League full of the world’s finest teams, but the hype for the games may very well out match the enthusiasm of Americans during a New Year. If soccer is not for you, then go and visit the Tower of London to see one of the world’s most infamous prisons, crown jewels, and a great view. Then visit the Churchill War Rooms to get a view of the bunker of where the Allies planned their victory during World War II. Lastly, visit a pub in London and have a couple of pints with the locals. London is meant for a great time.

Mallorca, Spain
1 Week for 2: $4,200
Hotel per Night (average): $210
Airfare (average): $880

Mallorca is a beautiful place to visit, but more so for the younger soul. This part of Spain is famous for its beaches, clubs, and other activities that emerge at night. Mallorca has great food, such as fresh seafood like salmon, oysters, and other aquatic delicacies. Spain has some of the world’s best coffee if you are a coffee enthusiast. You can rent a bicycle and visit the nearby villages, hike on the nearby hilltops, or just relax on the sand.