As We Get Closer to Delivery

We like to talk about the process of the transport business, but we have not really gone in depth about what to do when your vehicle is close to being dropped off. Most of the steps take place when picking up a vehicle, but the delivery has the second most steps. We are here to give you our process and what to do once we arrive.

Our Process
So, once we are close to your delivery spot, we will notify you that we will plan on dropping off that day, then when we are an hour away, then 10-20 minutes away, then once we arrive. Now, about half the time there is a transport, the delivery location has streets that are too narrow for a carrier to go into or the roads there do not allow for heavy vehicles to enter. The way we solve this is that we will notify you about this and set up an alternate drop-off location that is nearby. We will always choose a place that is closest to you, but it has to either be a road that is wide enough and allows the carriers weight or at a parking structure larger enough to unload (usually at a grocery store or in a mall parking lot). Once the final location has been determined, then all that is left is dropping off.

When your vehicle arrives, you will get a chance to inspect it before you can claim it. This is done so you can inspect your vehicle and if there are any damages, you do not have to take your vehicle and report the damages to be the fault of the transporter. Before the pick-up process, you and the driver would have taken notes on the vehicle’s status (any damages, concerns, etc if any). Most of the time, a vehicle will come unscathed during a transport, so what remains is to claim your vehicle. If any complications happen, call the auto transport broker you dealt with that booked the transport.