Things to Look for In Auction Car Transport

Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle from an auction, preserving the condition of your vehicle is something to keep in mind. Having collaborated with many auto auction houses across the U.S. we know that the best way to accomplish this is by hiring an auto transport service company.

With an overwhelming number of auto transport “companies” online, how do you know which transport company will serve you best? Here are some essential things to look for.

Experience, if they specialize in auction transports, professionalism of drivers, availability, and a few other factors. Experience is key because if a company has not been around for long, they are more likely to not have the know-how on how to handle your specific vehicle, nor will they have the care to treat your auctioned vehicle with the proper delicacy. Next, if a transport company does not specialize in auction transports, they are more likely to have never dealt with the rare and important vehicles that frequent auction houses. This may lead to misinformation on which service is best for you vehicle and may cause undesired/unforeseen damages to your newly auctioned car.

Professionalism from the drivers handling your vehicle is highly important. One: you want a stress-free experience when communicating with transport companies, whether it be from quote or to getting updates on your vehicle. The more professional the driver, the more likely they will handle your vehicle with care. The best drivers are those who appreciate and know the importance of auctioned vehicles. It is best to research a transport company’s expertise before booking.

You may be wondering, “how much a transport would cost and if we up the prices based on the value of the car”? There is actually several things we take into account when discussing the price point. Yes, the value of the car is considered into price because the proper insurance has to placed on it in the case of any damages during transport. However, things such as the vehicle’s specs, desired transport service, how much space is needed, and distance of transport are all considered as well. Get a transport company that ships vehicles door-to-door, which means that we will take your vehicle from the auction and deliver it right in front of your door or as commercial legally allowed. The transport services that we usually pair with auction transports are the Open and Enclosed services. With the Open Transport Carrier, you will be shipping your vehicle for the cheapest price point, however, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements (things such as debris, rain, snow, etc) which may cause your vehicle to dirty. With the Enclosed Transport option, your vehicle is put into a specialized vehicle that insulates it from the open-air and reduces the amount of shock your vehicle will experience from roads while in transport. However, the Enclosed services are more expensive than the more common Open transport. We recommend opting for an Enclosed service if the vehicle you are shipping needs to arrive in the same clean condition. If you are not worried about the cleanliness of the vehicle or plan to drive it as an “everyday” car, the Open transport is a good option with a reliable shipping company.

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