Auto Transport In December

When the year comes to an end, there tends to be a surge of customers in the auto transport industry. Usually by mid-December, there are a constant high-volume of calls that last well into the new year. Most people who book during December are usually doing so to visit family in another state or to go on vacation to somewhere warmer than their home state. So, what can you do to ensure that you are able to get the desired scheduled transport in December? We are here to discuss that today.

When to Call
The general rule in any time of the year is that the sooner you call, the more likely your desired transport will still be open. In December, calling in late November or on the first week of December would be your best bet (since it takes at least a week in advance to transport a vehicle). The latest we recommend for a normal transport would be the second week of December, but this is risky because a large number of drivers will want to stay home for the holidays (so there will be less drivers on the road). Using an expedited service would make the transport faster (check out our Blog and page on expedited services for more details). Another thing to check on timing is how weather will be on your route. The more extreme the weather is, the slower your transport will be (snow is a major obstacle and is a cause for a lot of rerouting). Calling any later in the busiest time of the year may lead to either you not getting your desired transport time or being delayed by last-minute weather conditions.