Auto Transport Updates

During an auto transport, many customers do not experience any updates from either the driver or the broker. Most of the time a customer will only get an update if something goes wrong during the transport and once a driver arrives. This should not be how things operate and the best auto transport companies know this. We are here to talk about how the elite auto transport companies choose to communicate with their customers.

The Norm
Like we already mentioned, the communication between customer and auto transport company is close to none if it is with an average company. A hint that an auto transport company would rather not call and communicate is starting off with their quote service. If an auto transport company would rather you put in your information into a website to get a quote, that implies that they would rather not expend people to introducing customers to their company, process, and character. Now, not every auto transport company is like this and simply want to save money by not expending people to that, but most average companies are lacking in brokers that can communicate well that do this. During the actual transport, there are not many updates besides when they are going to pick-up the vehicle, if any damages happen along the way (which are rare), and when they are close to your delivery location. For some people, this is fine, but the majority of customers like knowing where their vehicle is and what condition it is in.

The Elites
The top auto transport companies are the ones willing to reach out and allow their customers to reach out. When getting a customer’s quote, these auto transport companies will opt for a phone call because they know that a customer will feel more at peace knowing they are dealing with professionals, they can get any questions answers, and they get a feel for the company. During a transport, these companies will notify you when they are going to pick-up, they encourage their customers to call whenever they want updates, and they will notify their customers when their estimated day of delivery closes down to the day and eventually the hour once they are close enough. These auto transport companies have peace of mind on the top of their list and they back that up by notifying and handling vehicles with experience and professionalism. There is a clear difference between an average auto transport company and an elite on, but the difference usually lies in the communication.