Best Inexpensive Luxury Cars

Most people want a luxury vehicle, but the problem with them are their price points. However, luxury vehicles do come at cheaper costs and they are still as reliable as their more expensive models. We want to give you what others believe are the best luxury cars that may be in your budget and give you the luxury feel you’ve wanted.

1. Mercedes-Benz GLA
The Mercedes GLA costs the low price of $33,400. The GLA has a beautiful interior, 24 miles per gallon at city speeds and 33 miles per gallon at highway speeds. The new GLA has a sporty SUV design with sleek trimmings and great racing rims. The GLA gives the family a smooth, comfortable, and fun ride. Although this Mercedes is cheap than most, it keeps the classic luxury feel that any Mercedes provides you.

2. Cadillac ATS
The Cadillac ATS has not changed much in design and it keeps a very simplistic design, but it is a great looking sport-sedan. Both the exterior’s trimmings give it an edgy look and the interior is simple, but comfortable. The ATS gets 22/31mpg and costs only $35,495.

3. Audi A3
The Audi A3 looks like what many people think an Audi looks like, and we mean that in the best way possible. This luxury car also gives off a sporty vibe, but it saves well at the pump with 26/35 miles per gallon. The A3 has more space in the backseat than the CLA and has enough space in the trunk to accommodate most needs. The A3 is priced at the low price of $31,950. This Audi may be smaller than other models in the Audi family, but is a greater car in terms of price and performance.

4. Lexus NX
The Lexus NX is a great overall SUV nearly has the “full-package”. It has an adequate 22/28 miles per gallon and 235 horsepower. The exterior has many streaks and trims that give it a sporty look, but more so a mean and powerful stature. The interior feels comfortable and looks amazing throughout the vehicle. The back-row seats can be folded forwards to give even more space, but the trunk space is sufficient enough for most items. The NX is priced at $35,985.

5. Infiniti Q50
The Infiniti Q50 is not rated as the best vehicle because of its performance, but its price point is the best of the bunch based on what it is offering. It has a decent 23/30 miles per gallon and 208 horsepower. It has a great interior that can seat adults in the back-row well and has a simple yet sleek front-row interior. The price point is $35,200, but many owner of an Infiniti Q50 are happy with it because of its simplicity. Sometimes less is more, but that does not mean the Q50 is lacking in much. Its design is similar to a Lexus but looks slightly better and feels great to drive similar to a Lexus but has surpassed it.

We hope that this list can serve you and possible your family’s needs. We also hope that these luxury cars shed some light to the fact that luxury vehicles do not need to be highly priced to be considered “luxurious” and that serve about the same purpose.