Best Looking Autos of 2018

As the years go by, car designs seem to be looking cooler and cooler. 2018 has some of the best looking designs to date and it beginning the spawn of the futuristic cars that we’ve seen in movies. Here is a quick list on which models stood out the most this year.

BMW i8
This car looks like a bullet with blue and black on it along with the sleek silver. It also happens to be a hybrid car that get s 357 horsepower and comes with scissor doors. It is definitely BMW’s supercar and we believe that is will be the blueprint to how many models will look like in the near future. Acura NSX Acura nailed the design of this car because it is defiantly a head-turner and looks mean. It too is as hybrid, which hints at where the fuel economy for cars is heading.

Aston Martin Vanquish
Most pf Aston Marti models are great, but the Vanquish is beautiful because of its simplistic design. It just looks great on the outside and just as good with the interior.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla models are all simplistic, which makes them all great, but the Model S is the sportier model. It is a fully-electric vehicle and has came to be a staple in car brands. Tesla will undoubtably be credited as the pioneers of future car designs.

Audi A7
This is the car you think of whenever you think about Audi. It again is another simple design and looks great. The A7 just looks a little meaner and heavier with its new design, which is preferred by many over the model without the extra exterior cuts.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Alfa Romero has been hitting the streets hard and their most beautiful model is the Giulia. These cars are new exotic cars that rival the classic Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s in terms of looks. This small luxury sedan is for sure a head-turner.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
The G-Wagon is still one of the best-looking cars, but also one of the most iconic. Anyone with a G-Wagon is automatically the coolest person in the room. The G-Class has not changed much, but that is because many people like the design already.