Best Planning for Auto Transport

Many people believe that “planning” for an auto transport only takes place in trying to fit one within their schedule. This is a good part of the planning, but there is a lot to do on the client’s side of things before contacting an auto transporter company. Here are a couple of “to-do” items and activities we highly recommend you do before having an auto transport.

Have a Running Vehicle
Unless you know that you are going to be transporting an inoperable vehicle, you want to make sure that everything in your vehicle is in top shape. The reason being is so that in the case of damages during transport (that happen rarely), the blame should be clear. If a vehicle had problems beforehand, chances are that an auto transport company’s insurance will not want to cover your damages if your vehicle was not thoroughly inspected. Having a good running vehicle also makes everybody’s job easier throughout the transport.

Have a Schedule
It is always best time to book at least a week in advance, so you get a spot on a carrier. Understanding that the best auto transport companies will never guarantee pick-up and delivery days and times when first booking is essential, so always have a time frame opposed to one assigned day or time.

Assign People Who Can Take Your Vehicle
Things come up in everyone’s lives, so having people that can speak on your behalf is essential as well. Have a spouse, family member, or close friend take your vehicle if you are not available. Simply contact the auto transport company and give them their name and contact information.

Inspect Your Vehicle
You can do this best by washing your vehicle and noting down any scratches, dents, and damages. This is an important step because you will compare these notes on the inspection report before taking your vehicle at the end of a transport to ensure no damages took place.

Research the Best Auto Transport Company for You
Before contacting an auto transport company, you need to find the best one for you. Compare prices, experience, reviews, speed, services, and professionalism. This might require a up to an hour or more of research, but will be the main determinant of the quality of transport.