Best Time During the Day to Call for Auto Transport

We have talked about how the seasons make a huge difference in how many calls an auto transport company is getting. The time of day should have the next biggest influence on the amount of calls as well. We are here to breakdown busier hours in the day, and times we recommend you call if you plan to talk to a broker for longer than five minutes without being placed on hold. (Note: we will be talking about our auto transport company and our hours as the main example).

Open (7:30am-10am)
This time frame varies a lot and is mainly dependent on the month and season. During the Summer and Spring, there calls are swarming, sometimes even before official hours start. In the October season, it slows down in the morning and does not really pick up speed till 10 or after. Calls start stacking up again once Thanksgiving season comes around in November and the winter holiday season. Around the time of this article posting, we do recommend calling in the morning if it fits your schedule best.

This is usually the peak of the day on any day. Most of the calls happen between 10 and 2 like most other industries. However, the season is a large determinant again and around this month, the “peaks” are not as high as summer, so if you are to call in this time frame during the Fall and Spring, you should not experience any holds. The pool of calls stays constant for the most part during this time frame, so expect auto transport companies to be busy with other calls. This why we recommend waiting till after this time frame or slightly before.

This time frame is not as busy as the “peak”, but it will not be as calm as the morning time frame. Most of the calls come closer to 2 and closer to 5 or slightly afterwards. This happens anytime of the year, but always expect holiday weeks and seasons to be busier. We do want to say that calling after closing hours is fine because most people get out of work around 5. However, it is best to keep the conversation brief, so brokers can go home at a decent time as well. Any time between 2 and 5 are usually slower and allows the customer to have longer conversations and engage in more questions without feeling slightly rushed by brokers needing to pick up calls.

After Hours
At least for our auto transport company, we have people on staff to take calls after hours, as long as they are quick questions or updates from clients whose cars are already in a transport. It is not best to call during this time if you are looking for a new transport or a longer conversation for updates.