Best Transport Service for Your Vehicle

Everyone has different vehicles that need different care from one another. When you are planning to transport your vehicle, you need think about those needs, but also decide which service is best suited for you economically and covers your concerns. There are a diverse set of services, so at least one of them will serve you well.

Open Car Shipping
Open car carriers are the most common way people choose to transport their vehicles because it is the most economical. Open Car Shipping runs like this: your car will be one of 8-10 other cars on a carrier, and it can be anywhere on the bottom or top row. The main difference of this service is that all the cars on the carrier are exposed to road and weather conditions. About 80% of all auto transports are done with Open Car Shipping, however, we do not recommend Open Car Shipping to everyone. If you have a higher end car, you want to go with a transport service that will grant you more insurance money, coverage, and protection.

Enclosed Auto Transport
Enclosed carriers are especially useful if you have a car that is worth more than $60,000. You can still go with an open car carrier, but most people who have higher end vehicles will want to keep their cars protected from the elements and keep their vehicle clean during transport. Enclosed Auto Transport has several sub-services that offer more than the average enclosed transport. You have your Hard-sided Enclosed Carriers which is what most people relate to Enclosed Auto Transport and it is what we described above. Then you have soft-sided enclosed carriers which do the same things as the hard-sided enclosed trailer, but its sides have a retractable curtain and only the roof, back, and front of the trailer is steel. Soft-sided enclosed trailers are used to accommodate wider or taller vehicles and those abnormal parts of the car will be safe to stick out with a soft-sided carrier. Then there is Expedite Enclosed Transport which is an even faster way to transport your vehicle. The trade-off of this that is the most expensive form of enclosed auto transport. The reason people choose Enclosed Auto Transport is because they have a vehicle they highly value and have a little more money to afford an enclosed auto transport. However, there are plenty of people that choose an enclosed auto transport that have cars such as Honda CRVs, Toyota Camrys, and your average commuting car because they feel more peace of mind.

Inoperable Auto Transport
A good number of people have inoperable vehicles that are antiques or are recently inoperable due to an accident or maintenance needing to be done. All that auto transports ask if you have an inoperable vehicle is that your vehicle must roll, steer, and brake so it is easier to get on and off a carrier. Even if you want to transport an inop project car, it will need to meet these requirements as well. Inoperable Auto Transport is going to cost more than an operable auto transport because it has less of a process than inoperable transport. If your inoperable vehicle does not meet one or all of these requirements, then a small tow truck or forklift must be present to put your vehicle safely on the carrier (this will obviously cost more).

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