Book Transport for Someone Else

Can you book a transport for someone else? The simple answer to this is yes. However, there is a process to it and it follows how you would book a transport for yourself for the most part. This is mainly used by parents who have college students that attend a campus far from home or in another state, people booking for their elder parents, or people booking for their friends to visit (if they are visiting to a far state for a decent amount of time). Let us take you through the process.

The Process
Like we said, booking a transport for someone else follows about the same process, but there is a slight, yet important step that is included. You still need to find a transport company, talk to brokers, get a quote, set up pick-up and delivery locations, set up a time frame, etc. However, something that you must include are the person or persons you are booking for to a list of names that can take the vehicle. If you are splitting the cost with those people, it must be mentioned when booking the transport and a broker will assess how the auto transport company wants the payment and by when. The next thing you must specify is who the auto transport company is going to be in touch with. Do you want to take care of every aspect of the transport, do you want the people you are booking for to take the reins, or do you want both parties to have communication with the auto transport company? Besides this, the rest of the transport should be just like any other.

If you are booking for someone that has not had an auto transport before, we want to make some recommendations, especially if you are splitting the cost or if they are paying for it. We want to make ensure that they have a great transport experience, but the fastest transport with the most protection is not needed, mainly because it comes out to be quite expensive. If you are transporting a car, a standard open car transport should do fine and it is the cheapest service. If you want to make sure that their vehicle is protected from the elements, then an Enclosed car transport would be your answer for only a little more money. Just think of it like this, if you wouldn’t get a transport service, why would the other person want it? It is always best for both of you to save but still have a great service. You can do both in the auto transport industry.