Busiest Times of the Year

With the holidays coming soon, we thought it would be best to explore some of the busiest times for the auto transport industry, but also go into depth on why they are so busy. We have discussed how the seasons and holidays have an impact on business, but we are going to get down to specific weeks of “hot-streaks”, when we recommend calling, and times to avoid.

The Busiest Times
The “hot-streaks” (an abundance of calls) start to pile on a couple of times in a year. A hot-streak that is coming up real soon is the week before Thanksgiving. This is because many people are either taking a small vacation to visit family that live in a different state or college students that are wanting to spend their break back at home. If you have transported before, you may already know that calling a week before your wanted delivery date is almost necessary. When it comes to Thanksgiving break, calling a little before the November 14th would be best. There will still be space on carriers, however, you may not get your desired pick-up and delivery dates.

The next hot-streak which also happens to be the largest is in the month of December. With the holidays (the biggest being Christmas and New Year’s) coming up, people who have booked a transport before know that calling a week in advance is not enough time. Calls as early as the last week of November start coming in to book for the last weeks of the year. This is the busiest month of the year for the auto transport industry because there are a lot of huge holidays stacked so close to each other that are meant to be spent with family or close-ones (college students also want to come home for their long break as well). We recommend calling during the Thanksgiving week to book even sooner than everyone who are still focused on Thanksgiving to ensure you get a transport that is as close to your preferred pick-up and drop-off schedule. The next hot-streak would have to be in January when people are wanting to get back home from the holidays. This does not last as long compared to the amount of calls the auto transport industry gets in December because everyone usually wants to get home around the same week. There is an influx of calls for about a week (typically the second or third week of the new year) and then it goes back to normal. Booking in mid-December or early in the new year should be fine options.

After these months, the industry levels out and there are not many hot-streaks till the summer comes around. From the months May to August there are many hot-streaks, usually ranging from either from everyday of the week is busy or sometimes the calls are average one week and back up the next. This is because people take vacations on varying times of the summer and since we start feeling the heat sooner and longer in the year, there is usually a lot more calls to get away from hot places without beaches to coastal states. Another popular transport would be one going to Hawaii coming from Hawaii. College students go home for the summer as well, so they become popular callers during this season.

So when should you avoid calling besides the weeks we already mentioned? Well, most calls come in during the start and end of a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best because most people decide to either start their week by getting a transport request done or start their weekend the same way. We also wrote a blog on the best times of the day that are the calmest if you want to reach out at a time where it is especially slow. If it is of benefit for you, try transporting during the spring as well because that is the calmest time of the year for the auto transport industry.