Car Safety Improvements

We take for granted the “standard” technology in cars today, but even a decade ago, these implements would mark the price up tens of thousands of dollars. But hell, if all these features come standard now and you can still get a car for cheap, well it is a steal for consumers. Most of the improvements have been made in car safety improvement, which is great for all drivers because it reduces the chances of accidents and let us know when something needs maintenance. Here are just a couple of things that have made driving much safer for us.

Lane Keep Assist
This does what its name insists. If you depart from your lane without having your signal turned on, then Lane Keep Assist will notice that and put you back in the correct lane. This is great because sometimes we get drowsy and start to lose control of our vehicle. This will not make your car drive your automatically, but it will give you time to pull over or give the wheel to someone who can stay awake enough let you rest.

Adaptive Cruise Control
This monitors a driver’s speed and the distance they are to the vehicle ahead of them. This allows you to have a constant speed without much work or worry about if you are going too fast or too slow because the car will notify you if you are either of those. It also works as normal cruise control as well.

Electronic Stability Control
This one is great to keep your turns stable and on course. ESC can slow down specific wheels so that you get the smoothest driving and correct response from your car every time. This works the best with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Adaptive Headlights
This technology is really helpful because you don’t need to worry about making your lights brighter or dimmer or knowing when to switch from your low beams to your high beams. Adaptive headlights will illuminate the road in front on your based-on weather and road conditions.

Collision Warning System
This is one of the most important features because it will warn you if you are about to hit someone in front of you, alerts you if there is someone in either of your blind spots, or if there is a car or person in your way when backing up. Some cars even have it set to where it will stop your car for you if you cannot act fast enough. If you have this feature in your car, you start to realize all the things that you do (or should be doing) subconsciously.

Drowsiness Alert
A vehicle can now take data on your driving habits over a long drive such as speed variations, if you begin to swerve multiple times into the other lane, and several other features that will notify you if it thinks you should pull over and take a break. This is extremely helpful because a sleepy driver is more dangerous than a drunk driver.

360-Degree Camera
This one goes hand-and-hand with the collision system. It is especially helpful when you are backing up or parking. Sometimes you can’t see if there are cars coming, so these cameras give you the extra eyes you need.

Active Park Assist
Active Park Assist is there to help you with those pesky parallel parking jobs. This can also be used to park into general spots if you are just feeling a little too lazy to park or if you have a hard time using up the space correctly.

There are surely more features to cars nowadays, but those would not be considered standard. Of course, the more you pay, the more features you are bound to have, but if you just a safe commuter car, the standard should do you wonders.