Choosing Best Auto Transport Company

First time shipping a vehicle? We bet you are bombarded by many companies in the search results. At first glance, many auto transport websites may look the same or seem like they offer the same thing. However, each company is different, either in their services, prices, or reputation. We want to give you the best determinants, so you can choose the best company to transport your vehicle the way you want.

1. Family & Friend Recommendations
First and for-most, the people closest to you will most likely give you a reliable company if they have transported a vehicle before. If no one in your inner circle has transported a vehicle, you can look-up people in your area or state that have transported their vehicle before and read their reviews and/or feedback they had about the company they shipped with.

2. Online Reviews
There are many review websites that customers use. We recommend Transport Reviews as the main review website because to write a review a person must put information about their transport, so you are less likely to run into auto shipping companies’ fake reviews. Also, look for if the auto transport company responds to all or most of their reviews on as many platforms as they could. This displays great communication with customers.

3. Get A Quote
Now it’s time to narrow your options down to 1-3 auto transport companies. Most likely, each company will give you a different cost to ship your car. Feel free to contact each one of your options and ask why their quote may be lower or higher than others, get to know how in depth they get with their services, and if they are experienced with transporting to and from your desired destination.

Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not remain that way. Some companies give you a low quote to get you to sign with them, but the quote is subject to change because of their contracts, if your vehicle is modified, its condition, and many more factors. Usually, the more a company charges for their service, the better they are equipped, staffed, and the more likely your vehicle will be safe. We advise you to always disclose a company about any vehicle modifications so that there are no surprises.

4. Make Your Decision
Now is the time where you combine the previous 3 tips. One company should stand-out at this point and gain your interest. However, if you are still between 2 auto transport companies, consider and run-through these question with yourself.

  • Is the quote within my price range? Is it a fair price?
  • What are their services? Do they have the one I want?
  • Do they have a good reputation? Are their reviews mostly positive? How long have they
    been transporting?
  • Is their customer service great? Does it seem like they have my vehicle’s best interest?
  • Did they teach me something? (certain transport recommendations, how to prepare my
    vehicle, etc.).

Now it is time to book your transport. Simply call the company and set up your transport with an agent. Happy transporting!

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