Compare Reviews for Auto Transporters

How well a company’s reviews are become a major determinant on which auto transport company you go with. We want to help you do your homework and provide with the most common ways auto shipping companies are looked up for reviews.

1. Transport Reviews
Transport Reviews
has over 200,000 reviews on 4,000+ auto transport companies. Verification is needed to leave a review, so reviews are authentic and you can assured that 100% of the reviews are from actual customers.

2. Google Reviews
This is common way to leave reviews on a company. Most auto transport companies have their overall Google Reviews under their website name.

3. Yelp
We primarily respond to our customer’s Yelp reviews. We respond to most customer’s reviews on Yelp within one to two business days. Yelp Reviews allow you to write as much as you need to.

4. Glassdoor
This allows you to see customer’s reviews, but also see the inner workings of the company and how employees like their company. Glassdoor goes more in depth about how a specific auto transport company goes through their unique way of the transport process and may show how they stand out over the rest.

5. Facebook
An auto transport can have a Facebook company page and followers can leave rating and comments. If the company you search for is on the top of search results, the more traffic you assume they get overall.

We hope that this list helps you narrow down your options for an auto shipping company. However, remember that reviews are one of several major factors when deciding on which company to go with- such as: price, experience, service, communication, etc.

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