Cool Street Legal Cars

We just want to congratulate the vehicles that managed to become street legal while looking cool and fulfilling our childhood dreams.

Tron Light Cycle
If you have ever watched either of the two Tron movies or cartoon, one of the most iconic things of the series are the light cycles. However, the real life light cycle cannot project hardened light from behind that vaporizes anything that touches it, because its not possible right now and it would not be street legal. The cost is conservative at only $55,000. It comes installed with neon lights, so you can rock your favorite color on the bike, but it also comes with your own Tron suit, so you can be fully emerged in the Tron vibe.

Someone made a working, turbine-powered, fully replicated version of Tim Burton’s Batmobile. Unfortunately, this vehicle is not for sale, which makes some sense since there is only one Batman. It tops out at 180 miles per hour, but its design makes it hard to handle at high speeds. Besides that, the Batmobile operates fine and to street legal standards.

Jet-Powered Beetle
It is right in the name. A Volkswagen Beetle with a jet engine in the back of if that sends you at extreme speeds. Somehow, this became legal to drive and it looks amazing. However, in terms of safety, we don’t recommend purchasing one of these vehicles. Though, you are more prone to get stopped by police more often, but they cannot legally charge you with anything unless you are speeding, obviously. The maker of this vehicle says that if hits over 160 miles per hour, the car will fly into the air. For some, it is a risk they are willing to take.

WaterCar Python
This vehicle is a car that is also a powerboat. The “car” side of things is based on a Corvette-convertible, it can go 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and in the water, tops out at 60 miles per hour. You can have the doors open and the inside won’t flood because it was designed for just that. The only problem we can see you having with this vehicle is that there isn’t enough room for a boat party compared to an actual boat. However, it can fir up to 5 adults, like your standard car.

Parajet Skycar
This vehicle can go anywhere on road or off-road. But it takes off-road to its literal meaning as well because this vehicle can fly! Well its not how you would picture flying cars, rather, it has a large parachute and a propeller in the back as thrust, so you can steer your car plenty of feet in the air. Apparently, you do not even need a pilot’s license to operate the vehicle, which is understandable seeing that you are not going as high as planes are. How much is this 3- in-1 vehicle? It is only $80,000 and it is legal. Personally, I would save for one of these for the summer opposed to a Jeep.

Check out this article to get more insane vehicles that managed to become street legal. Sources: street-legal.html

If anyone reading buys one of these vehicles, we want to give you a round of applause. These are seriously great creations and we can only hope to own one, or at least ride one. We hope this article left you in awe as much as us when we discovered these vehicles.