Dangerous Types of Collisions

Every collision is bad, but some of them can lead to more harm than the others. We also know that the more speed you had going into a collision, the more serious the injuries will be. We are here to discuss how certain collisions are created and how you can prevent them.

Rear-Ended Collisions
These are the least dangerous of the collisions (5% reported deaths from all kinds of accidents) and the are also the most common. These are caused by a person who drives into the car in front of them, hitting the car in front on its rear-end. This collision is more annoying than anything, but you are reality safe because of the crumple zones on the car. However, with enough speed, the person who caused the accident or the one who got hit can be seriously injured. Try avoiding tailgaters or tailgating yourself.

This is mainly caused when a person does not change lanes correctly or begin to swerve into another lane. More than 5,000 accidents are caused by sideswipes. Depending on the angle, these collisions can be very dangerous since the sides of cars are not as protective as the front and back.

Head-On Collisions
Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous because the speed from both vehicles add up, making the energy of the impact way harder than just one person crashing into a stationary car. This mainly happens if a person mistakenly turns into a one-way street or if they go into a “Do Not Enter” zone. This also happens when there are no barriers in-between a two- way street and one driver steers into the other.

Side-Impact “T-Bone”
A t-bone happens when the front of car hits the side of another car, which usually takes place in any intersection. If a driver does not follow the signals or signs, the chance of a side- impact will increase dramatically. This is also one of the most dangerous collisions since the person hitting is going at high speeds (usually) and the one who got hit is not really protected because the crumple zone on the sides are almost non-existent.

Those are the kinds of accidents, and though many accidents may not be your fault, here are things you can do to prevent an accident on your part, but to also notice when and what kind of accident you may receive if a driver is being distracted.