Distance & Car Transport Type

When you are choosing a transport company, you may notice that they have different services with them having trade-offs to another. The thing that is not really explained is how distance becomes a huge factor in which service you should get. The different services we want to talk about today are different open and enclosed transportation.

When to Go with Open Transport
Open transport is great because it is the cheapest and there are more open carriers available. If you are going to transport your car a long distance open, expect your car to arrive a bit dirty. However, we do not want to discourage open transport because it is incredibly useful and convenient. You can go across the country with an open carrier service, just note that it will be dirtier than expected. If you want your car to be moderately clean while paying a cheaper price, choose an open carrier service, but the less states you go through, the better.

When to Go with Enclosed Transport
We recommend going with enclosed transport anytime you want to ship your car somewhere in the country because it provides protection to both weather and road conditions. You will have to pay more to get enclosed transport, but your car will be picked up and delivered sooner because an enclosed carrier has less space than an open carrier, thus the driver does not have to spend more time picking up and delivering other people’s cars. Enclosed transport is especially useful the longer the transport is, but even in shorter transports, an enclosed transport carrier can protect your vehicle if road and weather conditions are severe enough.