Expedited Transport Services

We have talked a lot about one certain expedite service, but there are two in total (we will go through expedite enclosed service again). We will also go through hotshot flatbed transport, which accommodates vehicles that are not cars. Expedite services were made for customers that need a transport last minute, either because another auto transport company cancelled, or they got a last-minute notice from their job. Expedite services are there for convenience and we are here to talk about both services for a little bit.

Expedited Enclosed Service
We have talked about this service a lot, but in honor of our new “Expedited Transport Service” page, we are going to go through it in depth this time. The service is in the name and is fairly basic. We recommend that you use enclosed services if you are transporting a luxury or exotic vehicle, but there have been plenty of people who own “commuter cars” that prefer an enclosed option. The only limitation to this service is that it cannot carry vehicles besides cars. This service is great though because it gives you a faster transport (because there are less vehicles to carry; 1-3) and still give you the protection from weather and road conditions.

Expedited Hotshot Flatbed
This is another great service because of its speed of delivery and convenience, but it does lack some space. A standard ‘big rig’ is usually 53 feet long, but an expedited hotshot flatbed carrier is midsize (24’-42’). This is especially useful when a customer needs to transport equipment, machinery, or oversize vehicles and need them delivered quickly. The weight limit for an expedited hotshot flatbed is anywhere between 12,000 to 20,000 pounds and if you are transporting vehicles, they can haul up to two to three vehicles.