FAQ’s Transport Companies Will Ask

Every auto transport company has a unique process, however, there are some questions that every company will ask. This is because they are either mandatory or give them a better idea on how to schedule your vehicle’s transport. We are here to talk about some of those questions and what purpose they serve in making your transport smoother.

The Questions
Most questions that auto transport companies will ask are mandatory to understand how to best serve your vehicle. These questions are necessary for a basic transport and will make any transport smooth because the auto transport company knows how to start and how to end the desired transport.

For example, to provide the cost of car shipping, the first question will be what is the vehicle’s make, model, dimensions, and status (is it operable or inoperable). Next would be where the vehicle will be picked-up and delivered. One of the last things that an auto transport broker will ask is your schedule and what range of days would be best to pick-up and deliver and what service you want (if you do not know the services, they will tell you them and their functions).

Other questions they ask should also make the transport schedule smoother, such as if you are going to be driving to the delivery location or flying. An auto transport company will want to try to get vehicles delivered at a time that is convenient for the customer as well. Any other questions generally stay professional and are asked to filter through the best outcome for both the auto transport company and the customer (whether it be time wise or money wise).