Fastest Auto Transport Service

Sometimes you are in a tight schedule and need a transport done especially quick. Well here comes the important question, “what is the fastest service in the auto transport industry”? Depending on your type of vehicle, there are actually three services that are the fastest in the line (keep in mind that they are also the most expensive of all the services).

Why Expedite Services?
Yes, Expedite services are the fastest, but why? Well, let us talk about capacity. Any expedite service carries only 1-3 (sometimes only 2 as a maximum) vehicles at a time. This means that there are less vehicles to pick-up and deliver on the way to your doorstep. Just because there is more availability in Open and Enclosed services, does not mean that your vehicle will get transported faster. Expedite services are meant for last minute notices, so there is actually a decent amount of Expedite carrier available because Open transport is the most popular service. Whether it be Enclosed Expedite, Expedite Hotshot, or Expedite Flatbeds, they are going to be the fastest.

How Fast?
If you are shipping a car across country, even an Expedite service cannot negate that time for such a distance. What it does negate is time spent picking-up and dropping off 8-9 other vehicles on the same route. An Expedite service can cut down the transport time by a several days because of this, but you will still need at least a week if you were going coast to coast for example (drivers can only legally drive 8 hours a day). Some may be confused that Expedite drivers have vehicles that drive faster, though this is not necessarily true. They are carrying a lighter load, but drivers will not risk driving faster because they still entrusted with at least one other person’s vehicle.

When to Get an Expedite Service?
Like we said before, Expedite services are primarily used for last minute notices because
of their price range. Open and Enclosed services are the most popular because they give what
most people need in terms of cost, protection (enclosed services), and time frame. If you book in
(like many people do by at least a week), you should have a smooth transport. There are
people that have booked just Expedite services, but the majority of people are not willing to pay
more than necessary just for speed.

Why so Costly?
Auto transport companies like to have information early so they can coordinate space accordingly. When asking for an Expedite service, you are asking for a last-minute effort. Auto transport brokers will still try to maximize the carrier’s space (getting 1 or 2 more vehicles) so that you do not have to pay the “whole price” of the carrier to occupy only your vehicle. If your vehicle is the only thing on an Expedite carrier, then you will end up paying more (since there is potential to fit more vehicles, thus making more money by booking more vehicles, auto transport companies will charge more for only one vehicle).