Future of Navigation

Many believe that to make the roads safer and more organized, then navigation will have to be updated along with automobiles. There have already been developments in this field already, but there is more than just the expansion of technology that will make this more difficult to implement.

Shared Data
All car brands will have to implement a system in which they share the data of where each vehicle is on the road to give all drivers the best routes and/or make autonomous cars negate traffic. This will be hard to achieve because all of the car brands will want to make a profit off of this, so compliance and “the honor system” most likely not work.

Over-the-Air Updates
GPS on phones and even in cars do not send the most accurate data and only send data that is local to your location. Some car brands already offer over-the-air data transfers, but the majority do not have this feature. This will allow for drivers to avoid certain routes do to a recent accident or to know when to get back on a highway because an accident has been wrapped up.

Heads Up Display
Companies are going to have a HUD on the windshield to avoid using phones as navigation. This will reduce the amount of fatalities due to a driver being distracted by their phones, but it will also give you more accurate directions (the roads will be highlighted by your HUD and be shown on the on your screen. This will be the coolest of the new features, but the other two would make this design work more efficiently.