Get the Fastest & Most Accurate Quote

When it comes to getting a quote, every auto transport company does either one of two things. Some auto transport companies have you type in your information and not have any interaction with the people of the company at this point. Other auto transport companies will choose to have you call for a quote and stay in a call with them in case you have any questions about anything related to how the transport process works. So, which is faster? Which of these is the most accurate? We are here to discuss that today along with ways to get a quote without having to stay on at all.

Putting in all your information along with the information of your vehicle should not be that consuming and is thought to be the fastest way to get a quote because people can relatively type fast and they do not need to wait for a broker to search routes, the make and model of their vehicle, and do not give them a sales pitch in between the research stage. This is why the online- quote is preferred by some people. In terms of speed and a one-time quote, this is a great service. However, some drawbacks with using an online-quote are that you do not get to negotiate pricing with a broker if you do not like the initial price point you are given, you cannot ask any specific questions about the transport process, time frames, ask about reliability or experience, or simply get to know the company. This is where a call-quote usually overtakes the online-quote.

Call-quotes will almost always be around five minutes. If simple information is all that is needed, then a call will take only a couple of minutes. However, if you need more time to ask questions, the call-quote will allow for this. For the drawbacks, some companies may take the time during researching routes and time frames to give you a sales pitch on why to choose their company over competitors. Though this may come off as annoying if an vehicle transport company does not know what they are doing, they are only helping out your case as a consumer because they might point out serious advantages they have over the competition (which only narrows down your options). This is obviously going to make the length of the call longer, but only by about 30 seconds to a minute (most people do not mind it). When it comes to “accuracy”, a call-quote will be slightly more precise, but only because customers can negotiate to get their transport cost slightly lower (keep in mind that a broker will base their quote on how much a driver will get payed, the gas for the trip, the broker’s wage, and other factors that should be said during the quote process).

Tips to Not Be on Hold
To avoid hearing the “elevator music” that is highly recognized while on hold, try calling at a different time of day. Right when an auto transport company opens, they are usually receiving a lot of calls. However, an hour or two afterwards is best because then people are well into their workday at that point. The seasons and month have a lot to do with how many calls an auto transport company receives (Summer and Winter are the busiest seasons along with any holidays coming up in the year). However, the same should strategy should apply. If that does not work for your schedule, calling around 3-4pm (in the auto transport company’s region time) will be another slow gap.