How Early to Book Transport

When first booking an auto transport, one main concern is not being able to get a spot on a car carrier that (rather it be an Open carrier or Enclosed Carrier) will complement your schedule perfectly. However, there is almost always a carrier available if you schedule your transport early or you choose an expedite service. Let us explain.

Booking Early
Enclosed and Open carriers are the most abundant types of carriers, which means that there is mostly likely going to be one available whenever you book. However, the auto transport industry does experience “hot days” or “hot weeks” during the summer and winter seasons. During these times, there are a lot of calls which means that most services are in high demand. During these seasons especially, you want to book at least a week in advance. However, since everyone else will be doing the same, booking a week and half during the summer and winter to ensure you get a spot on a carrier. Any other time in the year is fine to book a week to five days in advance because auto transport companies will not experience these “hot days” as often.

Last Minute
If you need your car transported fast, but you find that an Open or Enclosed transport will be too slow, then an Expedite service will be your solution. However, there is only an Expedite Enclosed service, but it certainly gets the job done. The only downside to an Expedite Enclosed service is that it is one of the most expensive transport services and since they are not as abundant as Open or Enclosed transports, they may not be available at a time that best serves you either. However, since most people do not know about this service, you may be in luck. If you do not want to gamble on availability, then there booking early will still be your best option.