How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Cost to Transport Car

You may be asking yourself “why do vehicle shipping rates vary?”

Auto transport, unlike other services, does not have a set price. The cost to ship a car depends on variables such as:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle
  • Transport Type
  • Time of the Year

Let us explain..

What Determines the Cost to Ship My Car?

Distance  Although the cost per mile traveled for a transport does goes down the longer it is, the distance between pick-up and drop-off locations is still the main cost of a transport.

Vehicle – Year, make, model and other factors specific to your vehicle such as its condition, specs etc.

Transport Type The second largest factor would be the type of transport service desired. Your transport service will be dependent on your vehicle’s specs, but in the case that you could choose your transport service, an open transport is more affordable than an enclosed transport.

Season – When it comes to the time of year, it depends on the “to and from” of your transport. If it is winter and you are looking to transport from a Northern or Midwest state down to a South-Coast state, the transport industry refers to you as a “Snowbird” and costs will drive up because they are in high demand at that time. Coming back up North will be more expensive in the Spring for the same reason.

Cost to Ship a Car Cross Country

We’ve put together the following list of average cost to ship a car cross country. Keep in mind these rates are estimates based on standard four-door sedans and is intended merely as a rough guide.

West Coast to East Coast:

Los Angeles, CA – Edison, NJ: $1,350
Los Angeles, CA – Boston, MA: $1,450
Los Angeles, CA – Atlanta, GA: $1,250
Los Angeles, CA – Miami, FL: $1,250
Los Angeles, CA – Dallas, TX: $1,000
Los Angeles, CA – Phoenix, AZ: $700
Seattle, WA – Edison, NJ: $1,550
Seattle, WA – Boston, MA: $1,550
Seattle, WA – Atlanta, GA: $1,350
Seattle, WA – Miami, FL: $1,350
Seattle, WA – Dallas, TX: $1,100
Seattle, WA – Phoenix, AZ: $1,100

East Coast to West Coast:

Edison, NJ – Los Angeles, CA: $1,450
Boston, MA – Los Angeles, CA:$1,550
Atlanta, GA – Los Angeles, CA:$1,150
Miami, FL – Los Angeles, CA:$1,250
Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA: $950
Phoenix, AZ – Los Angeles, CA:$650
Edison, NJ – Seattle, WA: $1,650
Boston, MA – Seattle, WA: $1,750
Atlanta, GA – Seattle, WA:$1,650
Miami, FL – Seattle, WA:$1,550
Dallas, TX – Seattle, WA:$1,250
Phoenix, AZ – Seattle, WA:$1,550

Don’t Be Fooled By Online Calculators

Shipping cost will vary from company to company. Keep in mind that a car shipping prices calculator and marketing companies (3rd parties) advertising for carriers are not interested in asking detailed- logistical questions involving your vehicle’s move. They are motivated by selling you the cheapest rates so you can buy low and at times inflate your quote upon delivery. That is the main reason why companies fail and have such poor reputations. You should be prepared with details regarding your vehicle and other factors prior to obtaining quotes and making a final decision.

If you would like the actual cost to ship your car, truck, van or other vehicle we recommend speaking to one of our transport specialists at 800-311-8305 with the specifics about your transport.