How Our Service Works

We have generalized our blogs to include everyone in the auto transport industry so that you get a feel of how every auto transport company shares several similar techniques and processes. But today, we want to break down our process because we believe our procedure is unique and we go beyond what our competitors offer.

Peace of Mind
Here at Nationwide United Auto Transport, we do not like to waste any time, and the same goes for your time. If one of our sales persons wants to ensure that all questions you have will be properly answered and they cannot provide that for you, they will immediately transfer you to someone specialized in the field of questions you have. We want to give you the peace of mind that many people need when they are entrusting their vehicle to someone else. We believe that one of the ways to make a customer easy is by leaving no guessing in the equation. When you do book with us, we will talk you through the whole process, clearly tell you when we need you involved in the process (be there for pick-up and delivery, but also inspect, wash, and take notes on your vehicle). During transport, we are liable for your vehicle and we will state to you that if your car does not come in the same condition (not including if it gets dirty in open car transport), you should not take your vehicle and report it to your broker and we will take care of the ordeal.

The Price
One of the first things we tell new customers is that we are not the cheapest company to work with, but in no means are we the most expensive. We want to give everyone a fair price to everyone and that includes giving our customers a reasonable quote, ensuring our drivers are getting paid enough so they are more willing to take your vehicle on their carrier as a main priority, and give our brokers a percentage of that price. The main thing that goes into the price point is how many miles that transport will take and the longer your transport is, the more expensive it will be. The next thing is what service you decide to get. An open car transport will be the cheapest service we can provide you where your vehicle will be exposed to the elements and transported with 8-9 other vehicles. However, we really like enclosed auto transport because it is the best middle-ground for transporting your vehicle. You get the protection from the elements, there are less vehicles to pick-up and deliver, and the price point is not much higher. We have more services that you can look up on our website, but these two methods are the most popular requests we get.

We like to go the extra mile with every aspect of the auto transport process, but where we are most proud of it is the communication aspect. We do not mind a call in the middle of the night if you are feeling concerned for your vehicle and need an update. We have people at the ready specifically for these concerns. Even if you do not reach out to us, we will keep you updated on your vehicle, the driver’s status, and let you know a day in advance when your vehicle will be in your area for pick-up and delivery. We also go down to the specifics and set up a drop-off spot if we cannot fit into your neighborhood and require you to go to the nearest wide street or mall parking lot. You can always feel free to ask questions and ask for updates on your vehicle. We are here to make the process as easy as possible for you, especially if you have never used an auto transport company. This is where many past customers say made them more at ease and what they appreciated the most about our business.

Like we said in the beginning, we do not like wasting time, but we will surely take the time to make you feel at peace. We want to establish a great professional relationship with you, but we also want to make you feel as important as family. We are not the cheapest, but this is to give you great service and to take the time to make your concerns a priority. Like we tend to say a lot, we are swift, safe, and reliable, but we are all of that to serve you best.