How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

There are many auto transport companies out there and many of them are fine, but there is a good percentage of auto transport companies that make their money by scamming you. The way they get you into transporting with them is more subtle and is usually do to a lack of communication. We are here to help you avoid these tactics and how to detect the companies that may try to scam you.

Low Quote
The first red flag is if a company gives you a low price or is less resistant to you asking for lower rate for transport. This may seem great because you get a price that you will enjoy, but this is a common tactic just so a company can get you to book with them. However, your vehicle will have to compete for space on a carrier, not matter if you get Enclosed or Open carriers. Drivers will always want to take the orders that make them the most money, so if a company gives you a low rate and keeps it there, your whole transport will most likely be delayed a week at least. Another tactic is that a company will tell you that no one is taking your car from such a low price, but they will hold your vehicle (after pick-up) until you agree on paying more. Both tactics here are terrible, but the  2nd option is especially bad because a company is basically kidnapping your vehicle and asking for a ransom to ship your vehicle.

Generally, if it seems to good to be true in the auto transport industry, it usually is.

Do Your Research
Firstly, you need to get as much information on the company as you can. Things you want to get down are addresses, phone numbers, check reviews, and do as much research as you can. The more stars a company has, the better they should be. This may not always be the case, however, simply because not many people have left a review on Yelp or Google. A great place to look is the Better Business Bureau because they are non-bias. We do not want to say to go with the most expensive company but know that a great auto transport company will have a price that takes your cost concern into the equation, but along with the cost of giving the driver enough money for their living, gas, and food during transport.

Next, you need to review your car moving contract well and ask question if you need something explained. The contract should state all fees, or a broker should tell you that there are no hidden fees. Have an auto transport broker walk you through the contract on the phone so you know exactly what they are liable for and what they need from your part.

Lastly, you need to communicate well with the company you chose to book with. You may be afraid of being annoying to the company, don’t be. Auto transport companies know that having your car shipped is stressful, and a great company will gladly give you peace of mind by answering all your questions. If you need an update on where your car is during transport, they should be able to give you that information.

Like we said at the start, make sure to communicate. The less information a company wants to give you should be a huge red flag. If a company easily gives you a great price point, that should raise a red flag. An auto transport company should take care of your concerns and your vehicle at the same time.