How To: Car Maintenance

Once you get a car, you feel amazing and may feel like your vehicle is the best thing on the road. However, your car needs check ups more than you do at times. A car has many parts that need replacing, maintenance, and re-powering. So here are common things to check and the time frame you have to get them checked.

Oil Change
You should check your oil every month, but get it changed every three months (or every 3,000 miles) to ensure that your oil always running where it needs to be. To check your oil, make sure that you are on leveled ground if you are applying oil yourself, do not overfill. If you see that your car is leaking, that is the biggest indicator to get your oil changed and check other things as well.

Air Pressure
You should check the air pressure on your tires once a month or if you make long trips frequently. Digital gauges give you the best reading, but the traditional gauge still works fine. You also get the most accurate read when your tires are cold or when you have not recently driven. Do not use the maximum pressure because your chance of your tire popping rise and your riding experience feels harsh, so use the recommended pressure in the owner’s manual. Keep that spare tire in check as well.

Air Filter
A little trick is to hold a decently bright light up to the filter. If you do not see the light, then you need to replace it. Though we recommend asking your mechanic to check this every time you go for an oil change.

Brakes are one of the most important things to check for obvious reasons. We recommend having your brakes serviced by a professional unless you have been doing for years. Even if your brake system is fine, replace worn down brake pads. Brakes should be checked at least twice a year.

Cleaning out your radiator will prevent overheating, so use special shampoo for the radiator and get in between the crevices to clean out all the debris. That’s about it for the radiator.

Batteries need fluid as well and the cables they are connected to can corrode. There is a point to when you should replace your battery, but every car is different. If your car ever needs a jump, it is the biggest sign that you should replace the battery in your car.

Washing Your Car
You should wash your car every 2 weeks-1 month to protect the paint and glass on your car. Check out our blog on washing your car that will give you different conditions in which you should wash your car.