How to Get Expedited Service

Expedited services are clearly “clutch” services because you can ask for one at the last minute (that’s what they are there for). However, can you get one if its not last minute and you just want a faster transport. What qualifies for an expedited service? How can I be sure that I get an expedited service? These are the questions we are going to answer for you.

Faster Transport
To answer the first question, you can book an expedited service just to get your vehicle transported faster, but then you need to ask yourself, “is the cost worth it”? Expedite services are convenient on time, but they are the most expensive forms of transport services. There is liberty on which services you can pick but booking a regular Open or Enclosed service should do you justice. Having to book an Expedited service is still last minute, despite being there for that reason. This means that it cost extra to get a trucker to do the service at a last minute’s notice. Also, since you are not sharing a carrier with 8-9 other vehicles, you are going to split the cost with less people (an Expedited carrier transports 1-3 vehicles).

Qualifications for Expedited Service
There are almost no qualifications to getting an Expedited service and you would book it about the same as other transport services. An auto transport company may ask why you may need one, but like the previous answer states, you do not even need one if you can pay. This is why we do not recommend Expedite services to everyone because there are other services for the same “qualifications”.

A Spot on Expedited Services
Since Expedited services are made for last minute, some may worry that there may not be one available for them. This could happen, but since there are more popular services such as Open and Enclosed, there is almost always one available. The pricing also makes customer not want to opt only for a faster transport. Therefore, Expedited services should be promoted as “clutch” services, because they are there if something goes wrong. Since most auto transports go without a hitch, there will almost always be an Expedited service there for you.