How to Save a Space on a Carrier

Many customers believe that they will get a spot on a carrier as soon as they book with an auto transport company. However, this is sometimes not the case for many reasons. Most of the time, there is simply not enough space on any of the company’s carriers, so you will have to wait a few days or a week (an auto transport company should tell you this before-hand or during the booking stage). Another reason is that there may only be one spot on a carrier, but someone else was being charged more or was willing to pay more to get their car on the road first. Whatever the reason, you want your vehicle transported at the time you need it to be and we are here to give you a few tips to have a better chance on getting on the carrier that will suit your time frame.

Book Early
If you are afraid of not getting your vehicle on a vehicle on time, then calling and booking in advance should help you get your vehicle on a carrier on the correct time. Auto transport companies prefer customers calling in advance, so they can build up a carrier before-hand instead of trying to get another car onto a carrier the day before it leaves. This is the safest thing you can do, and it will also not cost you anymore than booking the day of. Think about it as booking a hotel a week or two in advance instead of traveling to a hotel and hoping that there is a room for you the day of.

Pay A Bit More
We do not recommend this because this usually only happens when you want to get on a carrier the day of or only a day or two out off when you called. You do not need to offer up more money if you are dealing with a professional auto transport company that can get you on a carrier with the quote they originally gave you. Sometimes, an auto transport company sees that you need your vehicle transported within a certain time frame, so they will notify you that you might have to pay a bit more to get on a carrier, but again, this does not happen that often.

Choose a Different Service
Sometimes there may not be a space available in the service you want. In this scenario, you may want to switch services. For example, if you opted for an Enclosed carrier, but there is not space, you can ask if your vehicle can be placed on an Open carrier. The only problem with this is that if you opted for a cheaper transport, then you will end up paying more just to get a space. Again, this rarely happens and if you are dealing with an auto transport company, then you will most likely not have to do this because they have tons of carriers and space.

If you are dealing with a professional auto transport company, then you should be fine, but if you want to ensure that your vehicle will be on a carrier, then follow our first recommendation and book earlier. The other recommendations are if you book last minute and you find your self in the worst of situations, but you should not experience this anyways if you are dealing with a professional auto transport company.