How Vehicles Changed Life

The invention of the automobile has certainly done a lot of good. We can travel across the country within a week or less now, we can live farther from work and have a home that is not so close to the city. However, the invention of the automobile does hinder us in multiple ways.

In most metropolitan cities, using a car will actually take more time than biking or taking a bus somewhere. On highways, you can be delayed up to an hour (sometimes more) because of an accident. Congestion on the streets and highways are probably the most annoying thing about the automobile boom, but this is the result of people having the ability to get to their work or school faster than ever. You can live farther away, but you can expect some traffic.

When you are driving with your windows up or with the A/C circulating, then you will be breathing in some polluted air. In the long term, this can harm your lungs and your overall health. This also goes beyond just one person because automobiles have cause plenty of air pollution that harms the whole population. Usually, the larger the area you live in, the more pollution you will be exposed to.

Lack of Exercise
Getting used to driving is great, but it also is a cause for many people not exercising. This is a cause for obesity and laziness. You can also start to get back pain if you commute far distances for too long. This is especially true if you are older or if your job has you sitting most of the day too.

Leading Cause of Death
Though the automobile is great, the one terrible trade-off of it is that car accidents have become a leading cause of death. This is due to speeding, drunk driving, or people forgetting the basics. Accidents cause traffic as well, which is the best-case scenario after an accident.

A Need
Nowadays, a car is not a luxury to have, it is almost a must. You are usually not going to work at a location that is close to your home, so a car is needed now to get to and from work and to take advantage of lunch breaks. Insurance, maintenance, and other fees make owning a car expensive, which only harms you and your wallet.