How We Earned Five Stars

We have built a great reputation with our customers over the years and as a result, we have been become known one of the most reputable auto transport companies in the industry. When it comes to several review website, we have 5 stars all around. This is not an easy achievement, especially in the auto transport industry because we deal with vehicles which are high expenses. We handle the vehicles that we transport with care and we take on the responsibility in terms of safety from pick-up to delivery. Let us get into how we achieved this five-star rating and how we are able to maintain it.

When first starting off an auto transport company, it is fairly simple to get 5-stars. All that is really needed is a couple of good ratings from customers and transports that go smoothly. However, once expanding and having been experienced for many years, there are bound to be mistakes made and unhappy customers. Luckily, we saw that this had happened to many other auto transport companies and we wanted to avoid following in their footsteps. So, what we did was filter through hundreds of drivers and hand-picked the most reliable and professional ones.

Next, we wanted to make our customer service second to none. We do this by having people at the ready to answer any questions or deal with any pick-ups or drop-offs that take place outside of business hours. We understand that the auto transport business may be hard to understand and stressful, even to people who are experienced in having their vehicle transported. We want to take you every step of the way so that you are not going into the industry blind. Lastly, we wanted to be well-versed in most of the services in the industry and have specialist drivers and brokers for them. By doing this, people can come to us for car transports, truck transports, oversize vehicles, transports to Hawaii, and much more instead as just a company that specializes in one branch of the auto transport industry. Having the respective specialists for each branch allows us to transport any type of vehicle with ease and professionalism, as well as become a direct competitor with companies that only specialize in one branch.

Once we incorporated and brought to mind what customers wanted/needed, we were able to maintain our 5-star rating. It is common that after a transport that a customer will express how they liked how we did one or several of these things wonderfully. We do not mind going the extra mile for our customers and we think that translates to the quality of the transport. One thing to include onto this is that we are not the cheapest auto transport company because we do go the extra mile. However, it has not been stated in any previous reviews that the price does not match up with the quality of service we provide here at Nationwide United Auto Transport.