Inop Vehicle Logistics

Some people may not know of the different types of transport services. One of these being the Inoperable Vehicle Transport. This is a popular service (right after Open and Enclosed Auto Transport) and is used if you only have an Inoperable vehicle (obviously). We are here to talk about the qualifications to get an Inoperable Vehicle Transport and the secret services within the Inoperable Transport branch.

A Normal Inoperable Transport
An inoperable vehicle transport composed primarily by a car. The cars are usually older, damaged, or simply cannot run anymore. Though this transport service was made to take vehicles that cannot move, there are still a couple things that need to be operable. The brakes, steering wheel, and it has to be able roll to be qualified for an inoperable transport (if it cannot do one to all three of these, a specialized vehicle must be on site to get your car on the carrier). If your vehicle can do that, you will have a smoother and cheaper transport.

Oversize Vehicles
There are actually options for Inoperable vehicles if they are considered oversize. The process consists of telling an auto transport broker the details of your Inoperable Oversize vehicle. This consists telling them about length, width, height, and approximate weight. An auto transport broker will want to get all this information so they can accommodate with the best carrier for your Oversize vehicle. We recommend checking our Oversize page to get more information.

Inoperable Enclosed
If you have an inoperable vehicle that is a newly restored project car or simply want to transport your vehicle enclosed, there is an option for that. There are carriers that are equipped with winches and lift gates that can easily do the job. Your vehicle will either be enclosed by a large tarp that acts much like a curtain (or a soft-side enclosed carrier) or be in an traditional enclosed carrier.