Items to Take Out Before A Transport

Before a physical transport takes place, there is a good number of things to get done. One of the biggest tasks to take care of what can stay and what must go from your vehicle. Most auto transport companies will tell you that you can only have 100 pounds (maybe even less) in terms of personal items in your vehicle, so there is a definite list of priority items to stay in your vehicle.

Spare Tire(s)
A spare tire should always remain in your vehicle and it is not worth taking it out and need it at your drop-off location (if a tire is punctured separate from the transport). A spare tire is fairly heavy and will take up a good portion of trunk-weight capacity, but it will be a key item that should remain in your vehicle.

Work-related Items
A good percentage of the people who opt for an auto transport are transporting because of business. Work-related items generally do not weigh much and should not move a lot either. As long as these items do not move around in the trunk and fit, they should be fine to go in.

Clothing is one of the lightest items you can have in your vehicle. However, having your clothing packaged or secured is best so that it does not move everywhere in the trunk (it will not do any damage, it will just make a mess).

Packaged Items
A general rule is if an item seems to be fragile or as something that can easily move in a trunk, it should not be in an auto transport. Depending on what you put in a box, you might have to weigh the item. We do not recommend only having 1 or 2 items that equivocate to 75-100 pounds because weight should be distributed and those items can do a lot of damage if they get unsecure/ start moving around.