Limitations of Auto Transports

Auto transports make life easier for just about everyone who signs up to get on. Not having to drive your vehicle across multiple states, paying a fair amount to get your vehicle transported, and knowing that your vehicle will most likely be safe are all great reasons people love auto transports. However, there are certain things that auto transport companies cannot do or choose not to do for safety, legal, or time reasons. We are here to talk about those today.

When it comes to higher caliber vehicles, most auto transport companies will want to put them on any sort of enclosed auto transport service. This is because they want to have the right amount of insurance put on the vehicle in the rare event of any damages to the vehicle during transport. With any enclosed service, there is more protection from things such as weather and road conditions, there is less of a chance of cars in the trailer colliding with each other (either front to back or the top deck failing and hitting the cars on the lower deck). Also, enclosed trailers give auto transports more insurance in general, so it is pricier than an Open transport, but you can be sure that your car is covered.

This pertains more to oversized, heavy haul, and specialized vehicles when crossing state lines. To gain clearance to have your vehicle on certain states’ roads, permits may be needed if you have one of these transport services. Certain roads are small and need permits and clearance by every state that requires one. Some auto transport companies will have the customer come prepared with the permits and clearance beforehand, but several auto transport companies will handle the legal parts themselves (they might charge slightly more for this however). Auto transport companies cannot put certain vehicles onto certain transport services if they are too big or too heavy. Customers will always want to save more money, but unfortunately, there are requirements that auto transport companies must follow that cannot always make this possible. Obviously, you will not put a construction vehicle onto an Enclosed trailer for cars and would need to put it on some type of flatbed. However, the configuration of flatbed is important to many states because vehicles need to be under a certain height while in transport to clear freeway bridges and ramps.

If there is one word that auto transport companies want to use when discussing pick-up and delivery days is “guarantee”. The main limitation of the auto transport industry as a whole is not having a decisive date on when things will be picked-up and delivered until a trucker is getting closer to either location. This does not mean that an auto transport’s time frame will be off though. Auto transport companies usually do a good job on estimating how many days until your vehicle arrives, though they will make a more precise call once their trucker is closer to you.