Luxury Auto Transport Enclosed

If you have a luxury vehicle, you want it protected at all costs. You are not going to drive a luxury vehicle across the country and risk damage from road and weather conditions. So, what do you do? Well, you transport your vehicle in an enclosed carrier. But why specifically an enclosed carrier opposed to the other types of transport methods? Let us explain.

Protect Your Vehicle
The main purpose of enclosed auto transport is to protect the vehicles while in transport. An enclosed car carrier is exactly what it sounds like, it protects your vehicle against debris, dirt, grime, rain, hail, sun etc. during transport. Your vehicle is fully insured with additional insurance that covers your car up to $250,000 or more if need be.

Faster Pickup & Delivery
An enclosed carrier carries less cars (6), which means faster pickup and delivery times opposed to an open car carrier that makes arrangements for 10 different vehicles. You can reduce transit times even more by choosing enclosed hot-shot carrier. Enclosed hot-shot carriers transport only 2-3 vehicles, making your vehicle more of a priority.

We recommend enclosed transport to everyone, but especially for luxury vehicles. Enclosed transport does cost a bit more, but if protection and speed is a concern, the service will negate the cost. We hope this article helped explain why auto transport companies should recommend enclosed auto transport for luxury vehicles.