Mecum Auction Car Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport carriers will be at Mecum Auctions around the country. We will be on stand-by and are looking forward to your call.

From June 22 nd to June 23 rd , we will be in Portland, Oregon where Mecum will have over 600 classical and luxury vehicles. From August 2 nd to August 4 th , we will be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Mecum is showing off 1000 vehicles. From August 23 rd to August 25 th , we will be in Monterey, California where Mecum is auctioning another 600 vehicles. From September 7 th to September 8 th , we will be in Louisville, Kentucky where Mecum is auctioning 600 vehicles. October 3 rd to October 6 th , we will be in Dallas, Texas where Mecum Auctions is showing 1,000 vehicles. From October 25 th to October 27 th , we will be in Chicago, Illinois where Mecum is showing 1,000 cars. From November 15 th to November 17 th , we will be in Las Vegas where Mecum will be showing 1,000 luxury and classical vehicles. In the last auction of the year, we will be in Kansas City from December 6 th to December 8 th where Mecum Auctions will be showing off 700 vehicles.

When dealing with such luxurious and important vehicles, we want to make a recommendation of going with our enclosed trailer transport as it will keep your newly bought car safe from the elements during transport. However, our open auto transport will still be available for you if you so desire it.