Meet the Yard Spotter

white yard spotter parked

These terminal tractors have many names. Shunt truck, Spotter truck, Spotting tractor, Yard truck, Yard Dog, Yard Goat, Yard Jockey, or Mule, is a semi-tractor intended to move semi-trailers inside a cargo yard or warehouse facility. Whatever the name, they all do the same thing. A Yard Spotter truck has a single-person cab, a sliding rear door (for easy access to trailers), a diesel powered or alternative fueled engine, automatic transmission, and even fifth- wheel coupling, and more specs that make this truck unique to others. These vehicles are not meant for transporting on the road because they top out at 25 miles per hour.

A Yard Spotter truck helps carry almost any kind of cargo around a facility. Even though they are small, they are very similar to a tug-boat in terms of power. A Yard Spotter trucks is very much a specialized vehicle, but this is so that it can carry different cargo from enclosed containers to carrying steel out in the open. In a port, these trucks can carry shipping containers across the facility. Their short wheelbases give the vehicle great maneuverability. The cabins are square, narrow, and flat-sided with tons of glass which allows for almost 360-degree vision. People whose jobs are to be a Yard Spotter truck driver have one of the most important jobs in a facility. These trucks are like the back bone to the whole operation of moving goods because they just load and unload all day. Without these vehicles, the process of getting goods transported would take much longer. These small-but mighty Yard Spotter trucks can carry almost anything in a port, yard, or facility!

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