Military Vehicle & Equipment Transport

Military Vehicle Transport

In the transport industry, there are a vast array of trailers that are capable of transporting almost any vehicle. This includes military grade vehicles such as tanks, jets, planes, Humvee, and much more.

The Perfect Trailers for Military Vehicle Transport

The way we transport military vehicles is with our oversize vehicle transport service. This means the vehicle will be transported on a flatbed type configuration such as a drop-deck, low-boy or RGN trailer to accommodate their height.

Most military vehicles on average are at least 7-12 feet tall. This means that placing such vehicles on a regular car carrier will exceed the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) safe transport height of 13 feet. Using low riding trailer configurations like the ones mentioned before will lower the vehicle’s height for a safe transport.

However, this service is not limited to military vehicles. Just like freight, military supplies and materials can be transported as well.

If you are transporting a military jet, military helicopter, or military plane, it will mostly likely be placed on a standard flatbed or low-boy trailer unless a transport company deems otherwise due to unique dimensions (length, width, height). The same can be said for any artillery, machinery, materials, or military equipment (such as mortars, supply containers, electronics, etc).

Transporting Military Vehicles on Industry Standard Carriers

The military also has smaller vehicles that are used for scouting, moving supplies, or any
other non-combative tasks. These can be transported as well. Vehicles such as the Chevy Tahoe, “Growler”, Ford F-Series, and some other patrol/scouting vehicles can be transported easily and safely onto open or enclosed carriers.

Of course some things that must be discussed before being placed on either open or enclosed trailers are dimensions, weight, vehicle type, and a few other specifications.

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