Most Common Uses for Auto Transport

Auto transport companies get calls every day, all for different reasons. However, there are a couple main reasons why people opt for transporting their vehicle throughout the year and auto transport companies have adapted to compensate certain time frames for those reasons. We are here to tell you about the three main reasons for auto transporting and what services that can help with each.

College is the third most popular reason to transport your vehicle. An auto transport service is especially popular if students are attending several states away or if they stay in the same state but its just big (like California or Texas). This is mainly popular during the summer (move-in dates), during Thanksgiving break, Winter break, and Spring break. These transports cost the same as any other transport, unless you plan to transport later (we will explain that right now). If a student plans to stay at home longer, there may not be enough time to get their vehicle back to college by the time they get back unless another service is used. Expedite Enclosed services are the fastest transport services, but they are also in high demand. It is best to set up a transport about a week in advance (it can vary depending on route) to allow enough time for the vehicle to arrive on time. This way, as a student visits home, their vehicle is on its way and should arrive by the time they take a plane back to the state/ area of their college.

The second most popular reason to get an auto transport is because of business. Business calls happen year-round, so auto transport companies get calls year-round to accommodate last-minute demands. If you need to get your vehicle dropped-off within a week to a week and a half, any Open or Enclosed service should be fine. If you get a last-minute call to attend somewhere, then an Expedite Enclosed service should serve you best (though the sooner you call, the more likely you are to be booked on one.

The best reason people would choose to get an auto transport is to visit family and go on vacations. These transports are usually almost always across the country and at least a three to four states away from the pick-up location. The most common people to use these services are a little older and depending on the season, certain auto transport companies like to call them “snowbirds” if they are moving from somewhere cold to somewhere warmer for the winter season. These transports happen year round as well and give people allow people the most flexibility because they are not busy during that time. Basic Open or Enclosed services should serve you well with these trips because there is planning before hand with your family about when you want to visit and there is plenty of time to call in advance to set up a transport. With Open and Enclosed services, you can almost always get a spot on a carrier since the two are the most abundant services in the auto transport industry.